Jellyfish In Circulation

The story of a jellyfish trapped in a loop, and your choices will lead to a different ending. The story is inspired by a popular science article that box jellyfish can learn, and has short-term memory and even a simple visual nerve, which is a very important condition for box jellyfish to learn. I found this article very interesting when I first read it.
Jellyfish are a very special creature, and different species of jellyfish will have different abilities, such as the most well-known jellyfish, Turritopsis Nutricula. Common jellyfish will die after sexual reproduction, but Turritopsis can return to the polyp stage when sexually mature and skip the death process. So in theory, Turritopsis has an infinite lifetime. It’s like a life that keeps going through its life cycle.
So I thought, what would be the story if this amazing ability to learn were combined with this cycle of life? What can we learn from jellyfish? See what? And so the story was born.

一个被困在循环里的水母的故事,你的选择会为它带来不一样的结局。故事的灵感来源于一篇科普文章,是说  Box Jellyfish拥有学习的能力,并且具备短期记忆,甚至拥有简单的视觉神经,这对于Box Jellyfish的学习来说是一个非常重要的条件。我初次看到这篇文章的时候觉得非常有趣。水母是一个很特殊的生物,它们不同的水母种类会拥有不同的能力,比如最广为人知的灯塔水母,普通水母在有性生殖之后就会死亡,但是灯塔水母在性成熟的时候可以回归到水螅型而跳过死亡的过程。因此理论上,它拥有无限的寿命。就像是一个生命不断在它的生命周期里循环。 于是我就想,如果这样神奇的学习能力和这种生命循环结合在一起,会有一个什么样的故事?我们能从水母身上学到什么?看到什么?故事就这样诞生了。 

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