i Wish To Be A Human

i Wish To Be A Human is a wordplay story. When I made this story, I was in a bad period. At that moment, I kept thinking what if we can be a letter? Then most of the pain won’t feel anymore. Also, my period led me to the discomfort that women experience during their periods. “i”  is a really good to be the protagonist of the story to tell the story because it can be made a good pun. I don’t want to make the topic too serious or heavy. By contrast, I hope I can show some humor in my little story.

i Wish To Be A Human是一个文字游戏故事。当我写这个故事的时候,我恰逢生理期,状态非常糟糕。那一刻,我一直在想,如果我们能成为字母会怎么样? 这样大部分的痛苦就不会再有了。此外,我的生理期让我感到了女性在此期间所经历的不适。我选择用“i”来作为故事的主角,可以做成一个好的双关语。我不想使这个话题过于严肃或沉重。相比之下,我希望我能在我的小故事中表现出一些幽默。