The Order of Time / 时间的秩序

The Oder Of Time, written by Carlo Rovelli, is one of my favourite book, and it described time and the meaning of time in a physical way. It is total different what I understand time before. I thought time is non-reversing, and never knew that it had many amazing features from a physical perspective. So I started to think about time and became interested in science.

In this book, I have learned that common understanding of time is one of the result that how we choose to observe things around us. Also, time is various when different people look at it in different ways. These differences shape people’s life. Time just likes a ruler, which is used for measurement. We use time to record changes, lives and so on so that we can rethink ourselves at every special point in our life. Therefore, I want to use some pictures and words to express and summarise my own feeling and understanding of time. I used wheels, trees made up with wheels and a little monster to tell a simple story that how the monster realised his world varied while he was traveling outside.