Hello, guys! I’m Yawen, an independent illustrator and storyteller who is concerned with visual narrative. I am curious about how to use texture and pattern to create a vibe that lets you all feel the story of every picture and be engaged by it. 

I like to use strong colors, but I also like to use soft and dreamy colors and textures, so you will see that my work presents two completely different styles. But they all have one purpose – to express the story I want to tell you. The themes I tried to express sometimes are simple while other times are profound, as simple as a cute avatar in my head: a little dinosaur traveling around the universe, as deep as expressing my concerns: a beautiful firework hiding bones. I wish people could get simple emotional values from my work, like happiness. At the same time, we don’t forget that there are many things worth thinking about outside of life such as discrimination, war, and even a little cat’s suffering, standing multiple perspectives to think about ourselves and finally find a place to be ourselves.

Welcome to my universe!